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How many of my daily decisions are wise?|Isn't learning wisdom hard?|Doesn't wisdom take a lifetime of experience?|Why do smart folks do foolish things?

Welcome to Upend!

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Martha Borst

Master Teacher
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Dr. Elvir Causevic

Founder & Teacher
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Dr. Anita Sanchez

Indigenous Leader
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Dr. Ray Blanchard

Master Teacher

Shape a beautiful life with Wisdom Skills

When you feel stuck or under stress, your mind often forgets about wisdom.  Old reflexes keep you stuck and increase anxiety and negativity.

We teach simple, science-backed wisdoms from time immemorial so you can shape a life of well-being, abundance, and joy. 

We call them Wisdom Skills.

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Upgrade your Wisdom Skills with our courses and events

We created three truly unique and modern offerings, braiding ancient wisdoms with the latest science.


Our main course, the {Opening} is a safe and inspiring place to discover and practice your Wisdom Skills.  It's a gentle 90-day journey, with lively hands-on classes,  real 1:1 offline coaching, peers, and lots of great content. Learn through energizing and fun games and exercises, led by top PhDs, Indigenous leaders, and human performance experts.

{Opening} is created for good people with busy daily lives, and is focused on concrete results that you prioritize: well-being, relationships, success, and community.
The Five Promises of the 90-Day {Opening} course:

  1. Discover your "Top 10 Wisdom Skills"
  2. Reveal new sources of wise inner guidance
  3. Name your unique gifts and purpose
  4. Meet fun people and build a supportive crew
  5. Relax, laugh, and enjoy!

{Wisdom Skills Tour}

Take a guided 3-part tour through the Wisdom Skills of the Warrior, Lover, Seeker and Lightheart.  See curated recordings of our Teachers and Elders sharing useful lecturettes and exercises, at your own pace and time.  After you finish, join a LIVE monthly Q&A Zoom with the Teachers and let's talk.  FREE!

{Wisdom Happy Hour}

Relaxing and fun Friday gatherings where Teachers lead a LIVE discussion on current topic in the news asking: Was it wise?  We've covered the Depp/Heard trial, Twitter takeover, the new Top Gun, and more.  Bring-your-own-wisdoms and your favorite drink to share on Zoom, Facebook, and other live platforms.
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Meet people from all over the world

Come hang out with our grassroots movement to bring more wisdom into all our lives!

You'll meet an interesting, diverse, and fun group of people from all over our Earth and all walks of life :) 

Here are some of us thinking deeply about "Reciprocity", having fun with "Light-heart" and much more

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A great experience with great people. Highly recommend it to everyone looking to make tangible changes in their lives.
Lamia Taljanovic Selimovic
After nearly three decades of studying with the best of the best transformational training programs, my UpEnd experience was by far one of the most profound experiences of my life. Soooo well done!
Kim Anthony-Morrow
I am now experiencing the "being" of life versus the "doing" of life, and it feels like an awakening.  On a practical level, the impact on my business has been incredible - clients just keep coming! Seriously!
belinda zylberman

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Wisdom for Well-Being

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